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Top Cat and Top Dog

This app aims to bring a little joy to your day with cute animal pictures. All the content you'll see is taken directly from /r/aww. Credit goes to the original posters. Bookmark and check back in every few days for fresh top cats and dogs.

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Please note that this app is totally automated and relies on computer vision to figure out if a picture has a cat or dog in it. Of course sometimes these vision models get confused, but these mistakes are usually very interesting! If you spot a mistake, take a minute to wonder why the vision model got confused.

To learn how I implemented this app, please check out my github page for the project details. It's BSD licensed, so feel free to fork it, just give me a shoutout if you do.

This project used to be hosted on facebook but I no longer maintain that page

Top Episodes

Pareto Principle Plot

TV is fun but a big time sink. Instead of wasting time and watching every episode, just watch the best. Save time, maximize your utility function, and get some culture while you're at it. This tool works best for your typical TV series, where each episode is self contained and there's little to no continuity between episodes.

About this site

My main profession is bioinformatics. This website has been my COVID19 lockdown vacation hobby project. I wanted to learn more about the state of the art in computer vision tooling and how to properly share that awesomeness with the world. I also wanted to launch my own website / blog. It's been a fruitful and interesting time learning about flask, opencv, tensorflow research models, aiosql, etc.

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Source code for this site available on github

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